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Dps / Tank


Only the strongest of the orcs can become a Warmonger. Hardened by innumerable battles, they won’t be stopped by any threat.

With countless combats under their belt, Warmonger is a skilled warrior, fearing neither pain nor death itself. They can bring down enemies with suppressive heavy fire or hold the frontline with spear and shield. And if necessary Warmonger can summon a forest beast to help them.


Legionary is a tank hero who fights with spear and shield. They specialize in controlling enemies. They can stun and slow an enemy with their mighty strikes and blows and make them vulnerable to their abilities. Their ultimate ability enables them to easily withstand a lot of damage.


Warmonger smashes the enemies in front of them with their shield dealing physical damage (Attack Power). The strike knocks enemies back and makes them vulnerable. If the ability hits an enemy casting a spell, the ability is interrupted and goes on cooldown.


Warmonger throws the nearest ally or enemy to the target area. All enemies in that area take physical damage (Attack Power). The tossed enemy also takes damage and stuns (Spirit) all vulnerable enemies within the landing area. Ally doesn't take damage.


Warmonger readies and throws a spear in the target direction. The throw gains extra range and damage the longer Warmonger spends preparing to launch the spear. It deals physical damage (Attack Power, Vitality) to all enemies in its path and slows them. If the spear hits a vulnerable enemy, it taunts them, forcing to attack Warmonger for 2 seconds (Spirit).


Warmonger removes all crowd control effects on themself. For 5 seconds (Spirit), they take reduced damage, gain bonus movement speed and bonus crowd control reduction.

Warmonger restores a portion of their health (Vitality) on an enemy kill or assist.


Each time Warmonger hits the target with the ability, they gain 5 armor and 5 magic resistance for 10 seconds. The effect stacks up to 5 times.

20% of Warmonger's armor and magic resistance is converted into bonus attack power.

Warmonger deals bonus physical damage (Armor, Magic Resistance) to targets under effects of crowd control.


Commando is a ranged hero – an excellent minigun shooter. Their heavy fire penetrates enemies’ armor. Their poor mobility and long reload time is balanced with their ability to deal heavy damage within a short period of time.


Warmonger fires a torrent of shots from their minigun at the target direction for 3 seconds. Every 0.5 seconds (Attack Speed), all enemies hit take physical damage (Attack Power). While shooting, Warmonger can still move.

Improvement: critical strike chance increased by 10%.


Warmonger throws a smoke canister dealing physical damage (Attack Power) to an area. Enemies have their sight range reduced, and while they're in the range of smoke, their movement speed reduced by 50%.

Improvement: all enemies hit are rooted (Spirit).


Warmonger fires a piercing shell in the target direction, hitting all enemies in its path. Enemies take physical damage (Attack Power) and armor reduction debuff for 5 seconds. The effect stacks up to 3 times.

Improvement: critical damage power increased by 50%; enemies are knocked back and get the maximum amount of armor reduction stacks.


Warmonger places a tripod and mounts a minigun on the ground. The damage they deal increases, their abilities are improved and have increased range.

While the minigun is fixed on the tripod, Warmonger can't move.

When Warmonger re-casts the ability, they uninstall the tripod and pick up the minigun.


Warmonger has no cooldown on abilities, but they consume 1 ammo. Warmonger has 4 ammo in stock.

The minigun fires at a fixed rate.

Warmonger reloads the minigun upon activating the special ability. Reload time is 4 seconds (Attack Speed).


Shaman is a melee fighter, coming from a kindred of orcs who can talk with animal spirits and command the elements. They wield different types of fist weapons to devastating effect. Their basic attacks will mark their enemies, and the mark can empowers Shaman’s other abilities.


Warmonger leaps toward a target and deals physical damage (Attack Power). The next 4 basic attacks debuff the enemy reducing their armor and magic resistance for 6 seconds. The effect stacks up to 4 times.

A Mark reduces enemy's movement speed by 50%.


Warmonger increases their and the summoned wolf's attack speed and movement speed for 7 seconds (Spirit).


Warmonger hits a target with a lightning bolt that bounces 3 times to nearby enemies dealing magic damage (Spell Power).

A Mark stuns an enemy for 2 seconds.


Summons the wolf to fight for Warmonger. Wolf's health, armor, and magic resistance equals 50% (Spirit) of Warmonger's attributes. Wolf deals physical damage (Attack Power). When the wolf dies, Warmonger suffers 20% of their maximum health. Then the ability goes on cooldown.


  • - targeting an enemy makes the wolf bite the target dealing bonus magic damage (Spell Power) every 4 basic attack. If the wolf bites a marked enemy, the wolf restores Warmonger's health in an amount equal to the damage dealt and taunts (Spirit) the enemy forcing them to attack the wolf;
  • - targeting Warmonger makes the wolf come back to Warmonger;
  • - targeting the wolf makes Warmonger sacrifice a portion of their own health to the wolf.


Basic attacks grant a stack, up to 5 times. Each stack increases attack speed by 5%. At max stacks, the next basic attack deals bonus magic damage (Spell Power) and marks an enemy empowering Warmonger's abilities.