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Pain Reaper



Born in the world of demons, dreadful Pain Reaper casts terrible curses upon their enemies, leaving them to rot alive. Spurred on by the flames of hell, Pain Reaper brings about massive destruction with their fire magic. And torments enemy souls with their crescent blades.


Pyromancer is a ranged mage. They’re masters of casting destructive, fiery spells with the help of a magic orb and can create portals to control enemies. As they use their abilities, Pyromancers gradually heat up, empowering their abilities and increasing the damage they deal to enemies.


Pain Reaper throws a fireball that deals magic damage (Spell Power) to an enemy.

Additional effect: A fireball deals magic damage (Spell Power) to nearby enemies. Range increased by 3 meters.


Pain Reaper creates a demonic portal for 3 seconds. The portal slows enemies and starts to pull them in. When the effect ends, the portal deals magic damage (Spell Power), instantly pulls the enemies to its center and roots them for 1.5 seconds (Spirit).

Additional effect: Affected enemies are set on fire and take magic damage (Spell Power) for 3 seconds.


Pain Reaper dashes, leaving a trail of fire for 2 seconds (Spirit) that deals magic damage (Spell Power) over time. Reactivating this ability returns Pain Reaper to their starting location.

Additional effect: Upon dashing, Pain Reaper explodes, dealing magic damage (Spell Power) to nearby enemies.


Pain Reaper calls down a meteor that lands at the target area, dealing magic damage (Spell Power) and stunning enemies within the area for 2 seconds (Spirit).

Additional effect: The meteor's damage radius increases by 100%.


Every spell Pain Reaper casts gives them Heat, which gradually fills the Heat Meter.

Reaching the yellow zone (at 50%) of the Heat Meter grants all Pain Reaper's abilities bonus effect.

Reaching the red zone (at 100%) of the Heat Meter grants all Pain Reaper's abilities 30% more damage. However, using any ability in the red zone additionally causes an explosion that deals magic damage to Pain Reaper.


Soul Eater is a melee assassin who fights with double crescent blades. They can aid their allies by manipulating their enemies' soul energy to their advantage. Soul Eater creates a soul shadow to use it as their movement anchor. Tirelessly hunting their victims, they won't stop until they kill them. Once Soul Eater identifies their target, no one could escape death.


Pain Reaper leaps in a direction. The first enemy they collide with is rooted for 1 second, and Pain Reaper strikes them with 3 quick stabs dealing physical damage (Attack Power) and applying on-hit effects.


Pain Reaper creates a soul shadow. Upon recast, Pain Reaper teleports to their soul shadow.

The soul shadow detonates on contact with Pain Reaper to deal magic damage (Spell Power) in an area.


Pain Reaper lunges stabbing with the crescent blades and deals physical damage (Attack Power) to all enemies in a line.

If the ability hits at least one enemy, it can be re-cast: Pain Reaper cleaves forward, dealing physical damage (Attack Power) to all enemies in a cone.


Pain Reaper chooses a target location and, after a short delay, creates a cage there. Enemies trapped in the cage take magic damage (Spell Power) and passing through an edge of the cage are stunned for 2 seconds (Spirit).

If the ability hits at least one enemy, it can be re-cast: Pain Reaper throws their blades in a target direction, dealing physical damage (Attack Power) to all enemies they hit in their path.


Pain Reaper's basic attacks have a chance to drop soul shards. Picking up a soul shard grants Pain Reaper or their allies reduced by 1 second cooldown on all their abilities. The picked up shards return to their owners, dealing magic damage based on the spell power of those who picked them up. Stepping on soul shards, enemies destroy them.


Warlock is a mage who is highly skilled in damage-over-time curses. They can create tethers with enemies to deal damage, or with allies to heal them by sacrificing their own health. The Book of the Dead is their primary weapon.


Pain Reaper launches a magic chain in a direction. This creates a tether between themself and a enemy or ally; the tether lasts 10 seconds. If the distance between Pain Reaper and the target exceeds 8 meters, the tether is broken. Pain Reaper can basic attack and use other abilities.

Tether with an enemy deals magic damage (Spell Power) over time. Damage increases over time.

When tethered to an ally, Pain Reaper sacrifices a portion of their health and additionally heals (Spirit) the ally. Healing increases over time.


Pain Reaper applies a debuff that drains an enemy's health: it periodically deals magic damage (Spell Power) and gives Pain Reaper equal amount of health, and additional healing (Spirit). It lasts 7 seconds.

The ability can affect two enemies.


Pain Reaper debuffs an enemy. After a delay of 1 second, their next basic attack against the debuffed enemy strikes the enemy with fear that lasts 2 seconds (Spirit).

When the fear effect is activated, the ability can be re-cast on an ally binding their and the enemy's souls together.

When the fear effect expires, debuffs are triggered. They deal magic damage (Spell Power) over 10 seconds and reduce movement speed by 30% (Spirit) for 3 seconds. The soulbound ally is healed by the amount of damage dealt, and gets additional healing (Spirit).


Pain Reaper's damage-over-time effects explode on all affected enemies, dealing magic damage (Spell Power) per effect.

For every active Pain Reaper's healing effect, allies restore their health (Spirit).

After the explosion, the effects remain active on their targets.


For every active damage-over-time debuff on an enemy, Pain Reaper's Spell Power increases by 5%.

For every active buff on an ally, Pain Reaper gains 5% healing efficiency.

On activating the special ability, Pain Reaper sacrifices 20% of their current health to shield them for 300% of the sacrificed health. Pain Reaper's movement speed increases by 30%. Shield and bonus movement speed lasts 5 seconds.